How to be an Impact player on Clash of Clans

Are you an impact player? Are your clan mates impact players?  Most of us would like to think we are, in some ways impactful.  To be impactful may seem at first a subjective measure of performance.  Looking deeper into it, I had to ask myself “is it really subjective?” I’m going […]

“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Which troop should you upgrade next yo?

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked question in COC. Yet most people get it wrong. The right answer is within, only you can answer it correctly. There are many ideas on what order troops should be upgraded based on many things. Some are stat based, cost, or even personal […]

Tactical Field Manual: A FPS How to Guide

The tactical Field Manual series will cover First Person Shooter games such as the soon to drop Black Ops 3, and many more to come

GB Racing Coming Soon

GB’s Racing series is soon to be released. This series will focus on driving techniques to help you not only drive better in the game, but can also be applied to real driving.  That is what makes these racing sims so amazing is that you can use them as a learning tool […]

Spam him to death or go in quick and swift? A Clash of Clans break down of Attacks styles: Spam Vs Tactical

Which is better? The answer is… It depends on a few things.  In Clash of Clans, there are thousands of combinations of troops one could build.  And just as many bases that one could face.  Some troop combos favor well over certain types of bases. Each base will also require […]

10 Tips and tricks to bettering your Clash of Clans play

10 tips to help you become better at Clash of Clans. These tips are intended for beginners to intermediate  Clashers, the article covers basic game principles, tactics and base design.  The tips and ideas are not meant to wow you with new information, but rather to remind you of the basics that […]

Big Money, No Whammy!!

A cool little section for all to show off their big raids. Here’s mine to start it off.  

Maintenance 2/7 – Update fixes

“Hello Clashers, We’re going to have a maintenance break soon that’ll fix some issues in yesterday’s update: – We fixed an issue in Clan War matchmaking that prevented some clans from finding a match – Wall Breaker AI change did not work as intended and we reverted it back to […]

Update Today!!

  The much anticipated update is here. As I woke up I found my DE spell factory waiting to be built, level 5 dragon waiting to be upgraded, new interface to get used to.  Those who fear change are destined for doom. Those who welcome change, and are readily adaptable […]


Tea “BAGing” the enemy

A sample video of video capture application and sound recorder. Looks decent, still need some tweaking.